Tips do well in the GRE Sentence Completion

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Published: 14th July 2010
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The GRE Sentence Completion questions constitute one of the difficult sections of the GRE Verbal. Coupled with complex vocabulary and complicated sentence structure, it tests candidates' ability to connect different parts of a sentence. It also measures their language skills and their ability to make a relatively meaningless sentence look absolutely meaningful. Though this section appears to be brainstorming, a few tips mentioned here would be really helpful to optimize your scores.

The GRE Sentence Completion section presents a sentence with blank/blanks in it that make it incomplete. This sentence is followed by five options that contain the probable word/words to correctly fill the blank and make it meaningful. Your job is to select one of these five options that can fill the blank with correct words and make it logical and meaningful.

To do this section effectively, read the question first before reading the options. Assume that they are not there. Keenly observe all key words and phrases in the sentence and see where the sentence heads to. If the sentence moves along one line of thought, look for words that should support that thought. Likewise, if the sentence changes direction midstream, look for a word that sets up a contrast between the thoughts in the sentence. Moreover, look for the triggers in the sentence. Triggers are the words that help us find out which direction the sentence is moving in. Words like 'that','while'.'despite' are the trigger words. Apart from this, try to derive the contextual clues. Contextual clues are the words used in the sentence that indicate what types of words should go into the blank.

Generate your own words that you think would best fill the blank. Then, keeping your set of words in mind go through each option. See which option contains words that match your generated words. In a dual blank question, don't choose an option just because one of the words in it fits the blank. Adopt the elimination process and eliminate the irrelevant options. Remember that the test makers employ the trick of confusing you by presenting at least two options that look similar. In such a case, rely on your feeling to select the best one. Finally, practice as many Sentence Completion questions as possible to give yourself a fair edge of performing well in the final test.

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